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Don't put the leftovers into water wells, rain easily blocked

"restaurant workers here put the leftovers into water wells, how unsanitary it! "Yesterday morning, du yan XI Lu, who lives in the public reflected, the Wild West of several restaurants on the road, for convenience, water wells in front of as" trash ".

  yesterday afternoon, we come to Mr du reflecting the Wild West Road, diagonally opposite the grain and oil market a line of rental stores have many restaurants and Barber shops, in front of these shops have a water wells. Oil-water wells have a distinctive black, visible through the hole into the well, below a layer of oil floating on top, tasted very pungent. Mr du said, his work for a communications company, is in the Wild West Road, often to several restaurants on this street. On one occasion, he saw restaurant employees use oil to water wells, leftovers. He saw and immediately stepped forward to discourage, but restaurant workers say that convenience, and business is good when the trash can soon full, nor to the public trash bins, so we had to pour in here.

  coincidentally, yesterday, we found out from River Road along the visit, rain here in the wellhead spared were rotten, grease, leftovers, such as embezzlement, for drainage of rainwater around the wellhead has become the restaurant's sewers. Housing community in Nan lu junction we saw sidewalk tree pits full of oil spills, rain in recent days is a must for the entire tree in the pit waste paper, grease and other junk floating in the water.

  "water wells only two holes, poke holes here, I do not know is not for the convenience of kitchen waste stamp. "Live in Sunshine City Li Yongming said some nearby restaurants, some kitchen waste directly into water wells. We asked a restaurant employee, there is no one food waste into the water wells, each other in silence.


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