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Sewer dredging must pay attention to their own safety

plumbing professional for underground fire water testing, professional underground pipeline detecting and fire-fighting water leak, water leak detection leak detection unit of a fire hose for your precision to detect leakage point location, save repair cost for excavation.

pipeline dredge reminded underground pipeline long-term in half closed of State, missing air and oxygen rarely, even underground has flammable easy burst of gas also not occurred explosion phenomenon, but Dang well cover open Hou these gas will will and air mixed in with, will formed explosive gas, if at for pipeline maintenance or welding on will has burning explosion of dangerous, so in for operation Qian must first will oxygen or carbon dioxide for replacement; to prevent underground work in the appeared poisoning accident occurred, 3-4 cover must be opened first for natural ventilation 1-2 hour, blower can be used in special circumstances prevail under the tube tube, hair dryer.


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