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Professional plumbing industry needs innovative breakthrough

in the confines of the reinforced concrete of the city, rather than one of nature's cycles come smoothly, city in continuous cycle, will ensure that all parts work well.

professional plumbing tells you can use a 10 mm diameter plastic pipe about 1 meter long, sleeve on the tap at one end, other end plug to plug, tighten the cloth around the outside of the plastic pipe plug in drain tap water pressure after the blockage away. Blowing clear method, approach similar to the first, is plastic and the other side not a leader, but to blow in to clear purpose with their mouths. With a diameter close to the pipe diameter of round insert pipe, put a certain amount of water in the tank, constant twitching up and down logs, by suction and pressure washed away blockages. Slow drains into caustic soda solution, sludge from corrosion in the pipeline will decompose naturally.


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