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Plumbing water pipe pipe size is very important?

jam almost every family there have been problems, suggest you do the daily maintenance work, because once blocked, a great impact on life.

pipeline dredge key is see size, blocking also is not blocking, and also to see level shades mud how many and floating real how many, also has clear cut of clean degrees reached% how many, and clear cut up of things put in where,, last only can is price, General on the how many money meters, 1.8-2.5 meters above will good clear cut some, 1.8 meters following of on bad clear cut has, because people in water pipeline in station not up has, only Bay with erect for, how clear cut water pipeline, on only with artificial mining, People into water pipeline zhiqian, first to see water pipeline within has no biogas, per person must distribution with good head lamp, and helmet, and gloves, and water pants to into water pipeline for mining, and package, and again with electric hoist pull hole, again la ashore this a Department cases of work, especially most note work is security, must to took a a people specifically is responsible for only line, only such to quality and quantity smooth completed whole clear cut work.


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