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Do you know about green conservation grade quality standards

level of maintenance quality standard

full 1, greening and plant disposition is reasonable, reached the loess is not open.

2, garden plants to achieve:

(1) growth potential: good. Growth exceeded the average growth of tree species in the specification (average growth of subsequent surveys to determine).

(2) the leaves robust: ① color normal leaves and thick, yellow leaves in normal conditions, without leaf scald, curling leaves, fallen leaves, leaf insect pest-free urine screens dust II was nibbling leaves per plant were most significant in 5% (including 5%, below).

(3) branch, and dry robust: ① no obviously branches, and died right, and branches stout, winter Qian new shoots wood quality of; II no borers dry pest of live eggs live insect; ③ scale insect most serious at main branches Shang 100 square centimeters 1 head live insect following (including 1 head, to with), more fine of branches each feet long of a Shang in 5 head live insect following (including 5 head, to with); strains number are in 2% following (including 2%, to with); II Crown full: points Fulcrum right, main collateral distribution are said and number suitable, and within bore not mess And the ventilation.

(4) measures: the technical measures required careful conservation.

(5) the perfect lines of street trees.

(6) the lawn coverage should meet 100%; lawn weed control within 10%; flourished color to normal, not yellow; trim warm more than 6 times per year, cold-15 times more than pest and disease-free.



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