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Site drainage pipeline cleaning maintenance method of categorization and its principle

factory pipe cleaning flux conservation method can be divided into two major categories: cleaning and dredge.

1 when the pipe too much silt sediments or even jams, cleaning methods cannot solve, pipes must be used to dredge digging mud cleaning blockage. Urban drainage pipe cleaning general maintenance dredging of the principle: the machine directly into the sediment, making it loose by sewage due to transmission or direct labor to clear the pipes. Clear this category includes the plant drain cleaning flux conservation method: a human dredge, bamboo (bamboo glass fiber) dredges, winches to dredge, drill pipe to clear.

2 factory in drain cleaning general maintenance cleaning principle: that is, using artificial means, raise the head difference in the pipes, increasing the water pressure, increasing flow velocity and flow to clean the pipes of sediments, that is to say, with a large velocity spread or washed away pipes of sewage will be over in sediments with larger flux due to convey sewage to the deposition of suspended material. Cleaning included in this category of urban drainage pipe cleaning flux conservation method: hydraulic washing, clean the machine.


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