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Method for electric plumbing

electric drain cleaning machine for dredging, removal of pipes plugging in silt and dirt. It is driven by the gasoline engine or electric motor drives the high pressure pump operation using high pressure water jet nozzle propulsion on dredge pipeline. When the nozzle when it reaches the end, hose hose reel tension after the forced move. At this time, high pressure water cleaning tube wall and debris to the outside in order to achieve the objective of cleaning pipes.

1. use preferably strong men, easy to manipulate. &Nbsp;  

2. use first when bending spring head, align the elbow pipe elbows pressed into, fixed when pressing open the drill. &Nbsp;    

3. when opening the electric drill, be sure to set the speed to minimum and then slightly back, slow points are easy to manipulate. &Nbsp;    

4. drill used must be used when moving, and once sent a little spring inside. Never continuous power, otherwise it will spring up into groups or into all pipelines, not easy to recover. &Nbsp;   

5. pipeline when there is more than one meter spring, turn off the electric drill, and then try to manually press in spring, pressure does not move then click drill. &Nbsp;    

6. when a link spring in 1 meter or so, easy to connect actions. &Nbsp;   

7. dredge after the spring back to slowly tap drill, pull spring recovery, avoid groups regain.


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