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Pipeline cleaning technology

pipe physical cleaning technology, which uses a variety of specially designed pipe pig pipeline cleaning, dredging, abroad known as the pig cleaned. Pig in the pipeline, pipeline medium as the driving force, scaling inside the launch, basic principles is the physical cleaning of pipelines. Because of pipe buried in the ground, and a long distance, remnants of construction error, construction, terrain changes, corrosion, scale and sediment are likely to bring the pig in the pipeline to run blocked, unless you have special technical support once the pig cards in the pipeline, if you want to find it on the ground exactly where the recipient is a very troublesome thing. In order to overcome the iron absorption of electromagnetic wave shielding material, send, receive, radio technology in underground pipe cleaning, painting and other maintenance operations, this is a new development of modern electronic technology and pipeline of new breakthroughs. Foreign scientists electronic positioning pigging technology was invented in the late 60, cleaning pig has been developed. Electronic pig and developed in the late 70 sets of testing equipment, rapid development of physical cleaning technology has promoted the pipeline.


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