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Plumbing and construction process

1. check the cleaning of hotels, restaurants, residential sewers and equipment, bathroom, Jacuzzi, sprinkler, basins, pools and its connected pipeline; pool, urinal toilet stool and its connected pipeline; kitchen sinks, floor drains and connecting pipes and their connection to outdoor sewage pipe and so on. Before cleaning, first figure out pipe context and understanding of life, use of congestion, buried and exposed portion of a building is damaged, and so on. The damaged equipment and pipelines must be replaced, cleaning can be carried out. In parallel with the query pipeline, pay attention to understand the material, except for cast iron and ceramics, but also what kind of material in the system, equipment for structural materials such as cement and piping, best to separate it from the system when cleaning to avoid corrosion.
2. paragraph broken into cleaning of pipelines will need to be cleaned, this work before the cleaning must be done well. Various buildings, its number of floors, number of cells are not the same, sewers and volume are not the same device. To facilitate the plumbing, cleaning is generally divided into several small, segmented approach based largely on sewer capacity, floor height, easy cleaning, and the possibility of segmentation. Generally three or four stories within a unit for a better.
3. closure work an important part of this is pipe cleaning. First of all will be blocked at the first fragment from the top down, this segment general observation holes in pipeline (hole) and then communicated with the air vents and other pipeline parallel vents blocked, leaving only two vents at the top of the paragraph, to a port into cleaning liquid, an opening used to exclude air. Closing at 1-2 should be able to withstand the pressure kg/cm 2, avoid cleaning, closing because of liquid column hydrostatic break attack. If at the closure valves, better not to depend entirely on the valve closing, because the valves are used for a long time, not locked, and other closing the corresponding measures should be taken.  


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