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Definition of dredge clean car usage and configuration instructions

plumbing needs cleaning, introduce you to dredge to clean off the car the defined purpose and configuration instructions.

  dredge to clean cars-define and use

  dredge to clean, also known high pressure washing vehicle has high pressure, water conservation, operations for a long time, the characteristics of excellent cleaning effect. High pressure washing vehicle also can add the sprinklers, install the Green sprinkle sprinkler Cannon, forward, back, side spray, green water, pressure cleaners, high pressure spray washing pavements, etc. High pressure washing vehicle can also be equipped with suction functions, cleaning, suction in one set.
  dredge to clean cars-configuration of
  with high pressure pump tank car, the sediment cleaning city sewers, dredging the sewers. Also can be used to clean industrial discharge pipes, wall and doubles as a water sprinkler, and flush-Highway, an emergency can be used to put out the fire.
  pipeline dredge cleaning car is to two class original chassis of based Shang be to loaded and into, jacket part for tank body, configuration high pressure pump work, high pressure pump model: 3DS-8/16, and GYB-8/16, and pressure: 16-19Mpa, and flow: 8m3/h, and rubber tube length: 60M, and volume Guan Li: 1800 n, and rubber tube diameter: φ 19 mm, and joint type type: 0, and volume tube speed: 0-25m/min, and hole clip angle: 15 °, 25 ° Propulsion: ≥ 180 N


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