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Drainage of sewage pipe block up the emergency measures

often midnight or midnight rain receives customer calls. This number is a burst pipe clogging, occurred in the residential floor tenants. Most sewers or toilets back up constantly. In serious cases, housing is filled with waste water. In a garment factory of Heyuan high-tech zone of sewage pipe plug. Staff workshop of water of thousands of people. Sewage pipe plug leads directly from the ground floor to take up water in the pipes. Toilet water was knee deep on the first floor. This situation, too. Encountered such a situation on dredge pipeline staff prior to arrival, what do we do about it?
  family drainage outfall if it is storm seasons returned to water. First time looking for a professional plumbing company, then judgment is return to water or sewage pipe to the water drainage pipe. Because in most cases for drains and sewers are separate. If one of the pipes to the water, you can return to the water to another pipeline, in simple terms: If the toilet outfall to the water, you can open the toilet drain floor drain cover allows water from the sewer drain. So it will not flow into the House. Needs to pay attention because of the sewer floor drain CAP must be removed. The manure came back from the toilet tissue can clog the drain cover. So you have some time to wait for professional plumbing people to! Reduce unnecessary losses to a certain extent. If there are no sewers can temporarily plug the toilet squatting with sandbags, or check the sewage pipe of the toilet into an outdoor look at checkpoints. If there is drainage sewage mains plug, can also check pipe mouth opening. Let the water run out.




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