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Sewer dredging method introducing mechanical dredging method

method for the mechanical cleaning of the sewer dredging methods

  mechanical dredging method is suitable for wide range of diameters of pipes, mainly for blocked pipes to very serious, silt bond reinforced, hydraulic dredge effect is bad, but it's also where there is insufficient,
 , for example, workers labor intensive, manual logging from one well to another send TT at the wellhead. Due to underground working environment is poor, very easily lead to accidents.

  first put TT tablets through need clearing of pipeline paragraph, TT tablets of end Department Shang wire rope, rope Shang Department live clearing tool of end, in clearing pipe of two paragraph check well Shang the set a Taiwan winch, dang TT tablets through pipe Hou, will wire rope Department in a Taiwan winch Shang, clearing tool of another end through wire rope Department in another a Taiwan winch Shang then using winch back and forth reciprocating twisted moving wire rope, led clearing tool will mud hanging to downstream check well within, to makes pipeline get clearing. Winch powered by a manual, can also be mobile, specific needs determined by conditions.


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