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Dredge to clean what is the programme?

1), trench excavation

first clear excavation within the available earthwork digging out all shipped to the designated location.

trench excavation by mechanical excavation, and supplemented by manual excavation, trench excavation will be used either slope, slope in 1:0.33 slope, excavators dug away from the design elevation 20cm, end of manual cleaning, and on both sides of the bottom drains, soak to prevent the trench bottom.

2), formwork concrete base

under the road centre line by technicians and construction jointly set a pipe centerline on both sides after the formwork. Template using the new template. Shoe requirements established, accurate elevation, located 10cm gravel cushion, cushion requirement macadam surface weathering, basic formation. Floors with C20 concrete pouring, floor after the second plate vibrators for concrete vibration, smooth picking and stamped with the grass bag maintenance in a timely manner.

3), security management, stability bars

under an mechanical tube, operations should be gently down, so as not to hit bottom, winch with two tubes connected with taut, flat after adjusting the bottom elevation of pipe mouth, before hanging on for the next took over.

4), stability reinforced poured concrete

in the pipeline after the formwork lifting stability reinforced concrete pouring, pouring should be carried out on both sides at the same time, using plug-in vibrators vibrating repeatedly until tube enrichment by the end of May.

5) and manhole

brick of all manhole Yuan Jing, diameter is 1000. Catch basin approaches strictly according to the municipal Design Institute of General construction.


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